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Default Member Rules

Member Rules

Specific To All Members:
  • All members must obey the General Rules and Policies as well as the terms of service of the site.
  • Members must at all times stay true to BDSM Tasks' Philosophies and Mission statement.
  • The Org is not a dating/personals site and so performers and TMs should not use it to find others for tasking outside the Org. An Org member approached by anyone (TM or performer), with whom they do not already have a personal relationship, for tasking/activity outside of the Org should be aware that this is not sanctioned by the Org.
  • Neither gender is superior or inferior to the other.
  • Every participant is to take all prudent measures to ensure their and other member's safety and own well-being.
  • Members are required to participate. Members need to maintain an active log. Everyone is required to log in at least once every 10 days in order to have their account maintained at BDSM Tasks. If you are going to have an extended absence, you are required to note it in your profile in the "Special Notes" field. Date the note and include the estimated length of absence.
  • Members are allowed and, in fact, encouraged to post comments in another member's report/response and in any forums their respective role allows.
  • Spam will not be tolerated at BDSM Tasks. Any participant found spamming the forums or promoting any other web sites other than BDSM Tasks or its subsidiaries will be removed, along with any offensive materials that were posted.

The Right To Decline:
  • Performers have the absolute right to decline ANY task assigned to or designed for them. Taskmasters have the right to decline ANY request made for their tasks. All must agree upon modifications requested through the negotiation process. However, once any task has been accepted, including any negotiations, both are obligated to complete their respective roles.

Specific To Performers:
  • No TM may coerce you into performing their task, publicly or privately should you decline a task assignment. You are to report any incidences of this nature to a Team Leader.
  • Tasks sanctioned by BDSM Tasks (i.e. Open Tasks in the various forums) are always to be reported in the forums here so that everyone can learn, both performers and taskmasters from every one's performances and tasks.
  • Performers must be aware of the discussions in the Submissive Den. It is each one's responsibility to educate themselves on Performer’s issues.
  • Performers are not allowed to post in the Taskmaster’s Den.
  • All Performers must respond to a task assignment within seven days. You do not need to perform every task assigned to you, but you must make a response to the assignment. Ignoring a task assignment is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly. Those that ignore task assignments will be moved to the inactives' user group.
  • Once a task has been accepted, you have entered into a contract with the Taskmaster. You must perform it barring a serious situation that arises in your personal life. "I don’t feel like it" is not a serious situation.
  • You are to maintain your own Task Tracking Thread (TTT).
  • Performers are to strive to complete one task every month. Performers MUST complete a task every three months. If medical conditions are "preventing you from performing" a physical task, then this may be a written task. If you are unable to do this for any reason, then you MUST contact a Team Leader with a detailed explanation on why you are unable to do so and you must make a note in your profile as well as your TTT.

Specific To Taskmasters
  • Taskmasters must post the task that they created in the Taskmaster Questionnaire in the Task Development Area within one week (seven days) of being advanced to the Taskmaster group.
  • Taskmasters may not assign a task to a Performer who has answered one on their Activities Questionnaire to an activity that is contained within the task. The number one denotes the Performers' limits.
  • When making assignments for an open task, Taskmasters may post up to five assignments at a time for a single task. If a Taskmaster wishes to assign it to more Performers, they must wait until either half of the assigned Performers have responded or seven days – whichever comes first.
  • A Taskmaster may not assign more than one task at a time to a single Performer.
  • If a task is declined, a Taskmaster may not contact the Performer, publicly or privately, in an effort to coerce them to perform the task. Please read our Harassment policy.
  • Taskmasters are required to make responses to Performers report within seven days unless a personal situation prohibits you from doing so. This includes task performance requests and task reports. We do realize that life can get hectic, however if that is the case, then you are to communicate your situation to the Performer via PM or in the task thread within a week so that you may make a formal response later.
  • Taskmasters are not allowed to post in the Performer's Den.
  • Taskmasters must be aware of the discussions in the Taskmaster’s Den. It is each TM's responsibility to educate themselves on Taskmaster issues.
  • All Taskmasters are to strive to develop at least one task every month, but at least one task every three months. We urge all Taskmasters to use the Task Development Area first before posting in the open forums.
  • You will be expected to assign or grant permission for at least two task assignments a month. If conditions are present that you are unable to do this, please contact an Administrator.
  • Taskmasters may not assign another TM's task to a Performer.

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