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Default Welcome to BDSM Tasks

Welcome to BDSM Tasks: Who We Are
a BDSM home away from home

Welcome to BDSM Tasks! Whether you arrived here through a web search or on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance, we appreciate your visit. We are at present more of a work in progress than a finished product. You will find a few rough edges and some fairly obvious signs that things are under construction. We may have fewer members than you might have come here expecting but we believe we have a great nucleus of knowledgeable, experienced dominants who we term Taskmasters and some really great submissive men and women who we refer to as Performers. Whether you are a dominant, a submissive, or are new to all of this and still just trying to figure out how you fit into the BDSM lifestyle, we hope you will consider joining us and making your own unique contributions to helping BDSM Tasks become a fun and educational place to learn and live the lifestyle. Please allow us to tell you a little about who we are and what we are about.

In real life, our encounters, our life experiences are primarily social. We don’t just do. We talk, we listen and respond – echoing and confirming and challenging each other. Sometimes we take similar paths, often we don’t.

At The Org, your experiences are the root of other's experiences – the basis for a rich, diverse, ever-expanding web of BDSM exploration and shared experiences.

It all starts with you. Naturally you want to – satisfy your own personal curiosity, pursue your interests and satisfy you perceived needs. Yet we hope that you will also contribute to the community by lending a hand and helping others do the same.

Our aim is to offer you numerous passageways, plentiful options and alternatives to allow you to pick and choose those that make sense to you and help you along in your own journey. As long as you follow the community rules you can participate here about anyway you like.

Complete a task and tell a story about your experiences, offer an opinion, communicate a thought, share an idea, make a suggestion... and see where it leads. While you may regard all of those things as milestones along the pathway of your own personal journey – your encounters, your experiences here can also benefit others. As you follow your path and interact with others here, your knowledge base will grow but so will that of those you encounter and this community will get much more interesting. We all approach this lifestyle from different vantage points and from different levels of experience so naturally through encounters with other like-minded people, shared experiences can offer fresh, new perspectives and avenues of growth that we might never discover on our own.

More than five years ago, when BDSM was still largely a subculture cloaked in shadows, a group of close-knit visionaries lovingly built BDSM Tasks from the ashes of a popular forerunner site. Soon this new creation grew into a bustling, vibrant place in its own right where people interested in BDSM could experiment and explore in an inviting, unintimidating, and safe online environment. It is difficult to say exactly when or why it occurred, perhaps it was one thing or a collection of things, but regardless of the factors at work this site began to decay and decline. Like a once great civilization from a time long ago it became a mere shadow of its former self as both Taskmasters and Performers alike began to drift away. Tasks ceased to be created and performed. Members stopped visiting, the creativity, the experiences, the social encounters stopped, and learning came to a virtual standstill.

Over the past 15 months or so, circumstances have improved somewhat although The Org remains far from recapturing its former glory. Those of us who see value in this site, in what we do here, have never been satisfied, have never stopped dreaming of seeing The Org become once again the bustling vibrant place it once was. We have tweaked a few things and kept our eyes as well as our minds open as we have critically examined different facets of this site. Some of the things, things that worked well five years ago and helped the site become a success then, now appear a little dated, a little out of step with the times, a little too rigid, a bit too stoic, and to be frank, not as friendly and welcoming as they could be. Due to the wider appeal of BDSM today, those who explore and practice it aren't the same as the BDSM community five years ago. The wider community today is more diverse.

Change for the sake of change is never a wise course to pursue, but in this rapidly evolving, experiential driven age, any organization must be agile, flexible and open to the idea of changing how it does business when its market is clamoring for a fresh new approach. Some of us here are looking for change, for a new beginning. We want to reinvent The Org so that it continues to be relevant and an attractive place to spend time for years to come. Our vision is to see this site evolve and to take on both a new form and spirit. The point is whether you are a brand new member or a veteran who has stuck with us through thick and thin, there are going to be some changes going forward that will affect you and we believe in positive ways. Candidly at times things will look a little raw and it will be readily evident that we are a community under construction.

The Org aspires to become a social collection of BDSM encounters where you can create your own story in the way that makes the most sense to you. Group your experiences around a theme, an idea, or specific activities. If you have been here a while, the things you have always loved about this site aren't going away. The creation and performance of BDSM tasks has always been and will remain the heart and soul of The Org. Many of the philosophies, policies and protocols established here in the beginning are timeless and will always remain relevant. Again, we are looking for changes that compliment the value already here, not those that negate the wisdom and valuable contributions of those who came before us.

Our philosophy: We embrace and practice SSC (safe, sane, consensual) and RACK (risk awareness consensual kink) principles. Safe play is always our first consideration.

Our mission: To provide an environment that replicates as nearly as possible, real life BDSM, kink and fetish experiences and encounters where our members can grow, learn and have a positive experience in the safest possible way.

We are not: While you may make friends and acquaintances here and we hope you will, The Org is not intended to be anything like some of the BDSM dating and hook-up sites. We are pragmatic enough to understand that friendships in any circumstance can blossom into romances or D/s relationships but this is not the purpose or goal of this site. It also must be understood that there is zero tolerance here of harassment in any form, or of one member making another feel uncomfortable through unwelcome advances or attempts to coerce.

We do not embrace or follow old school BDSM chat room protocols. We don't require or encourage the practices of slash typing (i.e. W/we) or the use of upper and lower case letters to denote BDSM roles (i.e. Dom/sub). Performers are never required or expected to automatically extend honorific titles to dominants (i.e. Sir, Master, Lord, Mistress, Ma'am, etc). These terms are reserved for circumstances where established D/s couples use them as part of their play and/or lifestyle.

Our expectations: We expect each member whether dominant or submissive to be familiar with and to adhere the site's policies, philosophies and rules, to treat other members with respect, and to take responsibility for his or her own growth through regular, active participation.

If any of this resonates with you, we hope you will consider becoming an active, full member of our site. To learn more, click the link and head over to How to Join BDSM Tasks.

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