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Old 20th September 2008, 10:00 PM
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Default Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy

A cornerstone of the BDSM community is consent. It is a part of our fundamental philosophy at BDSM Tasks. Consent and mutual respect are basic rights that each participant holds, regardless of role. As such, we have established a policy against harassment to help maintain those basic rights.

No TM may coerce you into performing their task, publicly or privately, should you decline a task assignment. This is considered harassment and should be brought to the attention of a Team Leader.

The Org is not a dating/personals site and so performers and TMs should not use it to find others for tasking outside the structure of the Org. An Org member approached by anyone (TM or performer) with whom they do not already have a personal relationship for tasking/activity outside of the Org should be aware that this is not sanctioned by the Org. Should you get an unwelcome advance in PM or IM then simply decline, if you so chose. Any additional advances from this person would be considered harassment and should be brought to the attention of a Team Leader.

Harassment will not be tolerated among any members of the Org. When you engage in PM, IM or posting exchange with members of the Org, whether TM, PTM or performers communicating with each other, your behavior is expected to be respectful and, at all times, consensual. If at any point in any chat, post or PM some other member expresses to you that they are uncomfortable, or displeased with your tone, words, request, etcetera, you will be expected to cease such behavior immediately. To continue in this way when another member of the Org has asked you not to will be considered harassment. To retaliate or verbally abuse a member of the Org should they bring such a complaint to the attention of the Org's administration will be considered harassment.

This said, it is every person's here responsibility to understand that the Org is sexual in nature and if you make yourself available by chat, you have potentially opened yourself up to being talked with in a sexual way. You must be clear and respectfully decline if you do not wish to play, cyber, talk dirty, talk about sex, or talk in any certain way. Do not be naive to think that others will not wish to share in a sexual way with you. It is fine if you only wish to chat as friends, but you must be clear and responsible so as to not lead on a fellow member and potentially put their membership at risk with your ambiguity. No means no, but you must not say maybe and then be offended.

We have stated previously the Org is not set up to be a dating site. Nevertheless, the administration recognizes that people do meet here and form friendships and relationships. That is not forbidden; however, our goal is to have an environment that is safe where we all treat each other respectfully. Any disrespectful behavior, even if not expressly forbidden, that interferes with this goal will not be tolerated. The Org administration reserves the right to respond to inappropriate or even potentially inappropriate behavior.

As stated, the Org has a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment. Should a complaint be raised by one member (any level) in regards to communication from another member (any level), it will be investigated by the administration. If it is determined that harassment occurred, punitive measures will be implemented which may include a written warning, being put on probation with restricted posting privileges, or outright banning from the site.
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