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Default The BDSM Tasks Administrative Policies

The BDSM Tasks Administrative Policies

All major decisions/changes at The Org will be voted on by the Senior Members.
  • All Senior members get one vote.
  • Voting will happen via PM. This will be private and confidential to only the administrative team. Once a vote goes out five days will be given for reply. If a senior member is away or does not log in during that time only the votes recieved will count. If you have an opinion or discussion about the issue being voted on that should be sent via PM to all senior members or posted in the senior forum.
  • Any member advancement will be voted on, this includes adding new members to the Greeter Guides, Resource Center, and TDA.
  • In the case of a tie vote, Rilawild will have final say.


At times, members will need to be banned based on violation of the rules. An Admin is the only one who is able to ban a member. If a banning is needed and only one Admin is available, then the Admin may set a timed banned period. A permanent ban is based on the majority of Admins agreeing for a permanent one.
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