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Default General Rules

General Rules

Our number one concern is the safety of the participants – physical, emotional and mental. We are also concerned that not only our policies, mission statement and philosophies are followed, but that we adhere to the legalities of being responsible for such a site as BDSM Tasks. In accordance, we have established the following rules.

A. This is an adult site. If you are under 18, please remove yourself immediately. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 will be removed.

B. Since we have no ability to supervise you in person, we have banned the use of the following edge play activities.
  • abrasion and cutting - again, no blood, no punctured skin surfaces.
  • asphyxiation (breath play) - at least one airway (mouth or nose) must remain completely open and unobstructed at all times.
  • blood sports - tasks are not to include the breaking of skin.
  • drowning - no tasks are to involve forced submersion in water from the neck up.
  • electrical play - no tens units, no electroshock devices whatsoever
  • fire play - fire and flesh do not mix at BDSM Tasks.
  • knife play - at BDSM Tasks, knives belong in drawers, not in tasks.
  • needles - again, no puncture wounds or broken skin.
  • suspension - the performer must have contact with a ground surface.
  • anything that may cause permanent harm or scarring to any Performer completing the task.

C. All members are required to
  • include their age, gender and BDSM role in their profile upon registration.
  • have a valid email address. Your email address is not added to a list, sold for profit or in any other way shared. It is only for use at BDSM Tasks.

D. There will be NO sharing of accounts. If you are a couple and both want to be a part of our site, then you will need to register separately.

E. All members are required to make an introduction in the Introduction Forum and fill out the Questionnaire before they can gain full access to the forums.

F. Participants are required to participate. Members need to maintain an active account. Everyone is required to log in at least once every 10 days in order to have their account maintained at BDSM Tasks. If you are going to have an extended absence, you are required to note it in your profile in the "Special Notes" field. Date the note and include the estimated length of absence.

Note: If a member does not log in for more than 30 days and does not have a note in their profile, they will be moved to the inactive user group. This requirement however does not mitigate the requirement that Performers are required to respond to task assignments within seven (7) days or that Taskmasters are required to respond to task requests or task reports within seven (7) days. To avoid being moved to the inactive user group if you simply cannot sign on frequently, Performers should consider subscribing to their Task Tracking Thread (TTT) and opting for email update notifications and Taskmasters should do the same with regard to the Task Request forum. If a member ask for re-admittance after being moved to the inactive user group, a new questionnaire must be completed and posted with such request.

G. Content spam is not allowed at BDSM Tasks. Any participant found spamming the forums or promoting any other web sites other than BDSM Tasks or its subsidiaries will be removed, along with any offensive/commercial materials they have posted.

H. We do not accept robotic registrations as it has been our experience that those who register in that manner seek access only for the purpose of posting content spam. Using auto-registration bots or similar software to register is a violation of our Terms of Service (TOS). We require human registration where meaningful data is entered in the profile fields. We recognize that content spammers have no respect for any site's terms of service and we also know it is impossible to prevent them from registering here with robots. Consequently, Registered Users no longer have any posting permissions which eliminates all content spamming. We no longer bother with deleting spam bot registrants since they have no ability to post content spam, no ability to make changes to profiles after registering, no access to view any member profile including their own and no access to anything but the administrative forums that discuss policies, rules and procedures. We hope that wasting their resources here at least delays them from spamming other forums where they aren't welcome.

I. You must have permission to post anything that you submit to BDSM Tasks. i.e. you should own the copyright (e.g. you wrote it yourself), or have permission to post it. If it is not your own material then you must attribute it. When you submit material you give BDSM Tasks, and its subsidiaries, an irrevocable right to publish that material, including the right to edit, amend or delete any material.

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