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Default How the Task System Works

How The Task System Works

This is perhaps the most complex aspect of BDSM Tasks. Please refer to this section often until you have a clear grasp on how it works, as you will find your stay at BDSM Tasks greatly enhanced by having a good understanding of the task system. Your active participation is what ensures your growth and education at BDSM Tasks. Don’t be afraid to assign or request a task – the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

The tasks are divided into two types:
  • Open Tasks: Any task listed in the Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Very Advanced Forums.
  • Specific Tasks: A task for a specific Performer. If your name is not on them, then you may not make a request to perform them. (You may however, contact the TM privately via PM or email and request that they make a similar task for you.)
The right to decline:
Performers have the right to decline ANY task assigned to or designed for them. Taskmasters have the right to decline ANY request made for their tasks. All must agree upon modifications asked through the negotiation process. However, once any task has been accepted including any negotiations, both are obligated to complete their respective roles.
Ways a TM can assign a task:
  • Make an assignment of any of their open tasks in the Performer's thread in the Task Tracking Forum
  • Writing a specific task, designed for a single Performer, and placed in the Specific Task Forum.
Ways a Performer can request a task:
  • Request any open task in the Request Forum.
Task negotiations:
Performers and Taskmasters may negotiate amendments to ANY task. It may be to drop, trade or addition of an element. All negotiations are to be done in the open, in the thread that originated the request. Either Performer or TM can refuse modifications or the task itself without penalty.

All negotiations should be, generally, in public for the following reasons:
  1. It helps all members learn about the process of tasking.
  2. All members can see changes to the task and this gives everyone the opportunity to comment if the modification might have safety or unintended consequences.
Task performance:
Once the Task has been accepted or approved, the Performer performs the task and writes the required report of the performance. That report goes in that task's respective thread – NOT IN THE TASK TRACKING THREAD OR REQUEST THREAD!

The TM responds in the task thread as well.

This way, every report and response for a particular task is in one thread – the task thread.
This seems complicated, but be assured, once you have browsed through the Task Forums, you will have a better understanding of how the system works. There are pinned threads for everything here at BDSM Tasks, with more details on how to do something specific, like assignments or how to handle requests. In addition, if you need help, just contact any of the Team Leaders, after all, that’s why we’re here!

Lastly, in regards to leaving comments about reports, any participant of BDSM Tasks may comment on anything. Fellow Performers can comment upon reports and even tasks. All TMs may comment upon the same. We encourage you to provide feedback to your fellow members. We are here to grow and to learn. Positive and constructive feedback can only aid in that journey.

By posting a task, the TM grants BDSM Tasks and subsidiaries the right to publish the task. Additionally you grant the right to modify and reuse the task once a TM has been inactive for a reasonable period of time.
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