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Default Policies

Age Policy

This is an adult site. If you are under 18, please remove yourself immediately. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 will be removed.

Harassment Policy

We have a zero tolerance rule here at BDSM Tasks. Any member who ever harasses another member in any way will be banned. Members will not post derogatory comments about other members in response to a task or in the open forums. Members will not engage in spamming. Members will not use email or the PM system to harass other members.

Taskmasters will not email, PM or IM Performers unless invited to do. The only exceptions to this are when a TM is emailing or private messaging a Performer regarding non-response to an already accepted task or politely notifying a Performer about a task assignment.

We Are A Gender Neutral Site

This is a site to learn and grow. To restrict oneself to only a portion of our Taskmasters or Performers does not make any sense. Dominance and submission are not birth rights but instead something that comes from within that grows with us and develops over time.

We do not advocate that either gender is superior or inferior to the other. We believe in the complimentary nature of the genders. To this end, we whole-heartedly discourage people from displaying the attitudes that accompany the ideas of gender supremacy or gor.

Tasks can be assigned to a Performer by any of our Taskmasters. Taskmasters are required to give both genders equal attention in the areas of task assignment and creation. This means that TMs need to strive for tasks that can be performed by both genders (with or without a slight modification) and make it a point to be inclusive with assignments.

Performers are free to request to perform any task created by any Taskmaster, regardless of gender. We encourage all Performers to focus on the Taskmaster's task as opposed to their gender. Additionally, Performers are not to disregard assignments or tasks simply because they come from the "non-favoured" gender.


In BDSM and at this site, safety is paramount. We cannot emphasize this enough. Our number one concern is the safety of the participants physical, emotional and mental. We realize the journey into BDSM can be a scary one, fraught with many challenges and dangers. BDSM has some inherently dangerous elements that need to be recognized and appropriately dealt with.

There is no room for carelessness in safe BDSM practices.

We are trying to ensure that we provide you with as safe of an environment as we can. However, even as much as we do, there are limitations to our reach. We do not claim responsibility or liability for what consenting adults do in their own home. Our safety guidelines are provided to minimize any risks posed to you during your stay at BDSM Tasks.

Being we have no ability to supervise you in person, we have banned the use of the following edge play activities:
  • abrasion and cutting - again, no blood, no punctured skin surfaces.
  • asphyxiation (breath play) - at least one airway (mouth or nose) must remain completely open and unobstructed at all times.
  • blood sports - tasks are not to include the breaking of skin.
  • drowning - no tasks are to involve forced submersion in water from the neck up.
  • electrical play - no tens units, no electroshock devices whatsoever
  • fire play - fire and flesh do not mix at BDSM Tasks.
  • knife play - at BDSM Tasks, knives belong in drawers, not in tasks.
  • needles - again, no puncture wounds or broken skin.
  • suspension - the performer must have contact with a ground surface.
  • anything that may cause permanent harm or scarring to any Performer completing the task.
We all need to make sure to use common sense and logic when thinking about safety. Fantasy has a way of getting in the way of common sense when it comes to sexual desires. It is each of our jobs to fight that impulse and not get carried away with our sexual excitement. We cannot and will not sacrifice the safety or well-being of any one of our members in the name of sexual fantasy.

At BDSM Tasks, we demand and require that every participant take all prudent measures to ensure their and other members safety and well-being. This is non-negotiable and anyone found to not display this basic level of common sense will be handled appropriately, up to and including being escorted out of the site permanently.

For Taskmasters, this includes taking special care in task creation. It is best if you, the TM, actually visualize each step of the task from the perspective of a performer. This includes actually testing out elements that you are not sure about on yourself as well as including notes on appropriate safety precautions when necessary. If you are still unsure, please use the Task Development Area to get assistance. When you create a task, put yourself in the position of a Performer doing the task and think about how safe the task is. You want to make sure that the Performer finishes your task unscathed and unharmed.

While this is online, it doesn't make the actions of the Performers that are undertaking your task any less real. While a Performer is performing one of your tasks, they are in your care. They are your submissive for all intents and purposes for the duration of the task. This means that it is your responsibility to oversee, to the absolute best of your abilities, that the Performer remains safe and undamaged.

For Performers, this means using your common sense and approaching tasks with an eye to your well-being. You do not want to involve yourself in a task that may have harmful elements to you. We do realize that because of individual differences, there are variances in what each Performer can do safely. You, the Performer, must be your own advocate for your safety. You must be the one to speak up for your individual variances that may make a task dangerous for you. This is true in all of BDSM. A dominant must know what your individual circumstances/issues are in order to be able to serve effectively as your dominant. A submissive must communicate those to the dominant in order for the dominant to know. Again, communication is the key.

Both Taskmasters and Performers should look to the following questions to satisfy safety requirements
  • Is the Performer's breathing going to be compromised in any way?
  • Is the Performer's circulation at risk? (30 minute time limit on partial circulation restriction, 15 minutes time limit on severe circulation restriction*)
  • Will the Performer be able to successfully extricate themselves from any bondage in the task? (Take into account the stress they're under from previous parts of the task.)
  • If using toys or objects anally, have the proper notations of the safety precautions been made? (Flanged bases, caution about things getting lost, emergency room retrievals etc.)
  • Is the task reasonable and sane? We do some "crazy" things and that's fine, but think the task through; ask and answer if it is really able to be done. As well as if it should be done.
*Partial circulation restriction is defined as bondage that restricts blood flow but does not turn flesh purple. Severe circulation restriction is defined as bondage that restricts blood flow to the point of turning flesh purple. On the whole, we do not advocate severe circulation restriction because most people take it beyond 15 minutes. However, with the 15 minute time limit strictly adhered to, we will allow it.

When in doubt, ask. The Team Leaders are here to assist you in any way possible. Performers, if you have questions about a task or an element within a task, please speak up to the Taskmaster and/or Team Leaders. Taskmasters, please communicate with our Performers as needed and know that you can reach out to the Team Leaders for assistance.

Remember, we are here to have fun, explore and to learn. However, it is not fun to make a trip to the emergency room or to be the cause of a trip to the emergency room. These are very real concerns. These things do happen. We don't want them to happen to you. Instead, we would rather you are able to enjoy your time at BDSM Tasks and take with you positive memories of things you've learned.
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